After Entitled Brats Walk Out On Pence, TX Cowboy Puts Them In Their Place With 3 Brutal Words

Millennials have convinced the world they’re nothing more than a bunch of entitled brats. You could literally give them everything they want, and it’s still not good enough. The constant sulking and complaining are downright disgusting. I’m not saying all Millennials are this way. I’m a Millennial, and I’m NOTHING like these people.

A lot of us work hard, and pay our own way through life. My fiance just finished 4.5 years at a major university, and we paid as we went. The hard work has been very rewarding. It’s an amazing feeling knowing you did something on your own without the help of your parents or the government. Not many millennials will ever know this feeling if they keep heading down the same path they’ve set in front of them.

Notre Dame’s class of 2018 showed America how selfish, and disgusting my generation has become. Vice President Mike Pence was set to give the commencement speech, and boy did these kids show just how selfish they really are. When VP Pence stepped up to the mic over a dozen or so students stood up, turned their backs to the Pence, and walked out of the door.

No reason was given except they “Didn’t like him”. What if we did this to Barack Obama? Anyone who dares disrespect Barack Obama would have been labeled as “Racist” or “Bigot” by the left, and their pals in the lamestream media.

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The majority of students that walked out had rainbow garments, or some type of LGBT supporting material on their robes, or hats. The only other reason I could see them leaving is the fact that Mike Pence has suggested conversion therapy before, but the claims have never actually been proven.

Leave it up to liberals to spread fake news, and cause such chaos at a graduation. what exactly did they think they were going to accomplish? By showing such disrespect to our Vice President, these little brats only proved everyone else right. The millennial generation is nothing more than a bunch of entitled babies who cry, bitch, and moan when they don’t get their way. Kind of like they did when Hillary Clinton lost. The liberal tears were AMAZING!

Unfortunately for the entitled brats who couldn’t maintain their composure for just a few minutes, a Texas cowboy just puts them in their place – and all it took were three extremely brutal words.

With the event trending on social media and just about every news source around the country, it’s safe to say that students of Notre Dame were successful in what they set out to do. As seen in video footage documenting the entire ordeal, dozens of students left in public protest as Pence took the stage.

Unfortunately for the misguided graduates, things haven’t exactly turned out the way they wanted as all the attention wasn’t positive by any means. In fact, it wasn’t long before people all across America were calling them everything from disrespectful to entitled brats – and not too many people disagree.

However, the worst of the backlash was delivered by a badass Texas cowboy, and the snotty students were in for a rude awakening. As it turns out, popular social media personality Chad Prather had a few brutal words for the childish punks, and he didn’t pull any punches

“Employers…go find the video of the college grads at Notre Dame walking out on the vice president’s commencement speech,” he said before dishing out three brutal words, followed by sound advice. “Remember their faces and don’t make the mistake of hiring them.” Of course, he wasn’t done there.

“As a boss, you will do and say things they disagree with and their feelings will be hurt. This is how they respond to disappointment. I have a strong feeling they will be experiencing a lot of it in the years to come,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

Authority requires respect if it is to be an effective tool in civilized society. Pointing out exactly that, Chad went on to say that this is nothing more than the product of a generation that wasn’t properly disciplined — that is, if they were disciplined at all.

Chad proved his point with a little example, asking what would happen if someone turned their back on a police officer in “protest” after having been pulled over. As we all know, it wouldn’t turn out too well for any idiot dumb enough to try. –mad world news

It’s high time these little-spoiled brats get up off their butts and do something productive in life. The constant complaining about material things is exactly what’s wrong with this country. Chad Prather at one point in a video said that his generation is to blame for all of this, and I happen to agree with him. Without going too deep into this, I want to bring up that nothing Antifa, or BLM has done today can compare to the 1960s where Baby Boomers rioted in DC and caused more damage than an event that’s taken place today. The Weather Underground made sure they left their mark in history

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